Are all United Ways the same?

There are approximately 1,400 local United Ways across the country. Each is independent of all others. All polices for United Way of Athens- Limestone County are set by our local volunteer Board of Directors and are not affected or influenced by other local United Ways.

Is my United Way of Athens-Limestone County gift tax deductible?

 Yes, if you itemize your deductions on your federal tax form. See your accountant for details.

I've never been helped by an agency. Why should I contribute?

While it is true many of the services provided by United Way funded programs are for the poor, the hungry and those in need. There are agencies that provide other necessary community services. The emergency services provided by the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross are just a few that touches a broad range of our population. There are programs for our youth through our 4-H, Boy Scouts of America and Girls Scouts to name a few.

I don’t like the ABC agency, so I’m not going to give to the United Way

You can designate the agency of your choice through the Designated Donation Program, and your contribution will go only to that agency.

You support homeless deadbeats. I made it, why can’t they?

United Wayfunded services are not cash support or welfare programs. We pay only for consumable goods, like food boxes, or direct services to clients. Our programs are usually tied to a program that tries to move a person from a position of dependence on society to a position of contribution to society.

I am already on a tight budget. How can I afford to give more? 

Even a modest pledge per pay period can help provide vital services to local people in need. And by giving through payroll deduction, you can spread your gift over the incoming year.

My spouse gives where he or she works. Why should I give? 

I’m glad to hear your spouse gives to United Way. But, as an individual, your gift is important too. When your spouse gives, he or she probably based it on his or her individual salary. We are asking that you do the same, as an individual, based on your pay. The gifts of both spouses may be combined in order for leadership giving recognition

I want my contribution to go to another charity in another state. How can I do that? 

You can write the name of the agency and state in the lower right hand of the pledge form to designate your gift. It will help if you can tell us the full name and address of the charity. But in any case, United Way staff checks out all charities that we don’t already know about to make sure they have a nonprofit status and are in compliance with the Patriot Act.

Whatever happened to the guy who stole all that money from the United Way?

Bill Aramony was a longtime president of the United Way of America, which is our marketing and education area, a kind of trade association. After a career of thirty years, during which he did a lot of good things, he started using funds for his own purposes, such as airline travel and starting up businesses of his own. It wasn’t too long and he got caught in 1992 and sent to jail. He served his sevenyear term, paid considerable fines, and was released from prison in September, 2001.

United Way of America instituted some changes to make sure this sort of thing did not happen again. For one thing, the national board of directors is now composed of onethird local United Way people, who keep an eye on people at the national level. United Way of America can no longer operate any “side businesses”. Their only job is to help local United Ways do their job. We believe sufficient controls are now in place to keep this from happening again.

What is the United Way’s policy in regard to the Boy Scouts? 

The United Way of Athens- Limestone County does currently fund the Boy Scouts for their traditional Scouting Program.